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Conversation pieces[editar | editar código-fonte]

Trechos de conversas

Accepting[editar | editar código-fonte]

Ok ... I will acept it .

Apologising[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • Excuse me, ...
  • Sorry to interrupt.
  • Well now.
  • I'm afraid so.
  • I'm afraid not.

Booking a hotel[editar | editar código-fonte]

Expressing surprise[editar | editar código-fonte]

Expressar surpresa.

  • Good heavens!
  • I don’t believe it!
  • Well, well, well!

Goodbyes[editar | editar código-fonte]

Greetings[editar | editar código-fonte]


English Portuguese
Excuse me Desculpe, Com licença.
Good morning Bom dia.
Good night Boa noite.
Good-bye, bye Adeus.
Hello , Hi Olá, Oi.
Please Por favor.
See you soon Até logo.
See you later Até breve.
Thank you Obrigado(a).
You're welcome De nada.
Sorry Desculpe
Congratulations Parabéns
Good luck Boa sorte

Making contact[editar | editar código-fonte]

Meeting people[editar | editar código-fonte]

nice to meet you!!

Offering[editar | editar código-fonte]

Recommending[editar | editar código-fonte]

Refusing permission[editar | editar código-fonte]

Requests[editar | editar código-fonte]

Responding to news or information[editar | editar código-fonte]

Responder à notícias ou informações.

  • Good for you!
  • I’m sorry to hear that.
  • Oh, how lovely!
  • Sounds great.
  • Yes, I suppose you must be.
  • Wow! That sounds exciting.

Responding to thanks[editar | editar código-fonte]

Saying: ‘That’s life.’[editar | editar código-fonte]

Dizer: Isto é a vida.

  • It was just one of those things.
  • That’s the ways it goes.
  • These things happen.
  • You know how it is.

Studying[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • Can you help me, please?
  • Could you help me, please?
  • Excuse me!
  • How do say ... in English?
  • How do you spell it?
  • How do pronounce it?
  • Where is the stress? (stress = sílaba tônica)
  • Sorry? Pardon?
  • Can you say that again, please?
  • Could you say that again, please?
  • What’s difference between ... and ...? (between = entre)
  • What’s the opposite of ...?
  • What’s the past tense of ...?
  • What does this word mean? (significa)
  • I don’t understand.
  • I don’t known.
  • I don’t remember.
  • Is this right or wrong?
  • Which is page it?
  • I can’t understand the board.
  • Have you got a pen, please?
  • Sorry I'm too late.

Telephoning[editar | editar código-fonte]

To ask about someone on the telephone

  • May I speak to ... , please? (formal)
  • Is ... there? (informal)

To leave a message

  • Can I leave a message?
  • Could I leave a message?
  • May I leave a message?
  • Can you ask ... to call me?

To ask someone to repeat something

  • Could you repeat that, please? (formal)
  • Would you repeat that, please? (formal)
  • Pardon?
  • Excuse me?
  • I'm sorry, I didn't catch that.

Some alternative forms to say "yes"

  • Of course.
  • Sure.

Thanking[editar | editar código-fonte]

  • Thank you.
  • Thank you very much!
  • Many thanks.
  • Thanks a lot.