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Hi, when i was reading this article i notice that the indices (i and j)on the Set C defined on the begining of the article, are used in the functions h(x) and g(x), however you use the conditions hi(x)=0 and gi(x)<=0 for every i,j=1,...,p. The point is that the writer used the indice i twice, shouldn´t be the indice j in the function h(x)? i think it was a mistake that propagated throught all the article. I am sorry if the mistake is mine but could the writer explain if is it is a gap or not.


Hi! Thanks for your contribution.
I think you are right, and I've changed the text.
In case you find other errors, feel free to contact use again, or to be bold and click on "edit" and improve the text as needed... :-)
Helder 19h32min de 7 de Março de 2012 (UTC)

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