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Edu Franklin,is a young that was born in Mbanza - Kongo(Zaire).Since 1981 he lives in Luanda province,formed in administration (2000-2003) Son of Pedro Diangama Tingeira and Florença Marques,third son of is mother created in the middle of a lot of love. In 2001 he became fatherless,it was at this time that he saw how the life is difficult,Protestant religion and thanks to the God and with lot faith everything it's became right 2004-2006 Started his formation as painter car at workshop(Auto-pinchicha),Informatic course(Sigmadab) and English course(Maranata professional formation center) Hard-working for the moment at Kwanda Lda - Port section,exercising function as supervisor cargo documnet of Angola Lng Project for more information to consult the site(www.angolalng.com) On 6th january 2009 it began her dates the youth Ana Kitomene Finsa born at Mbanza Kongo at December 2010 He married her which she become is wife and mother of his first son called Eduardo Franklin Tingeira