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Aleator (discussãocontribs)

Hi, He7d3r! In Spanish Wikisource I can see a log message that says Please, load LanguageConverter from [[meta:User:He7d3r/Tools/LanguageConverter.js]].. Do you think that we have to change s:es:MediaWiki:Common.js from mw.loader.load( localBaseUrl + 'Usuario:He7d3r/Tools/LanguageConverter.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript'); to mw.loader.load( '//meta.wikimedia.org/User:He7d3r/Tools/LanguageConverter.js&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript');? Thanks a lot! -~~~~

He7d3r (discussãocontribs)

Olá Aleator!

I updated the page, so you don't need to make any changes. I migrated my scripts from wiki pages to GitHub and now I keep a minified version of them on Meta-wiki for users to import on their wikis/userscripts.

In the case of LanguageConverter, I left a note in the original script in case I forgot I needed to update all the links to save an HTTP request (it is like a redirect to the new place). Thanks for the reminder!